Personalized service

Turnkey design

Turnkey design

Our turnkey service allows you interact with just one person; our team oversees the creation, building, and even the installation of your piece. You may visit our facilities to meet our artisans and personally discuss your preferences regarding visual signatures, materials, and future use. We will then create your piece and send it to the location of your choice, all within your pre-negotiated deadline.

Engraving – metal sculpture

Engraving – metal sculpture

Since 1966, we have been creating high-quality emblematic works that stand out thanks to their remarkable workmanship. In addition to providing turnkey service, we also offer a wide range of materials and widely renowned superior workmanship. Our installations and modern equipment allow us to do any type of engraving on any surface, including special recognition plaques, rings, insignias, murals, and many more.

Production of symbolic works

Production of symbolic works

We understand that a symbolic work must honor a person, a moment, or an event of great importance. Our team will suggest the ideal product, material, finish, texture, and design to meet your specific needs. It is also possible to personalize the final product with an honorific text. Together, we will create a product that will bring your project to life.

Industrial engraving

Industrial engraving

Our industrial engraving service, which includes matrix and stamp creation for manufacturers, is the perfect choice for businesses looking to create corporate emblems. Our digital control technology provides a high degree of precision for finely detailed engraving work. We also offer custom stamp rollers that allow you to reproduce a design on many different surfaces and materials.

Out step-by-step process


Our representative will meet with you to ascertain your needs and the specifics of your project. During this meeting, they will also confirm your expectations and set deadlines to ensure that we can deliver the best service possible. You may also come to our production workshop to discuss your project and meet the members of our team. Our representative can also come to your offices if necessary.


Our graphic artists, who specialize in engraving and sculpting, can create beautiful, original custom designs. They will draw up the plans in up-to-date digital programs. This modern design service allows you to benefit from a work that is entirely tailored to your project and will remain unique on the market.


Our team will send you their design for approval. You may approve the design or suggest improvements to perfect it. Once the design is agreed upon, the order is sent to our production team, who will craft your project with precision using high-quality materials. Please note that no additional modifications can be accepted after the approval stage.


Our experts will craft your piece using both digitally controlled equipment and the techniques we have been perfecting since 1966. Our artisans will produce a high-quality piece using your chosen materials, design, colour, and shape. Our experts will then proceed to rigging and quality control to produce an impeccable finish faithful to your specifications. Your project will be completed within the set deadline. Our outstanding service is guaranteed to leave you truly satisfied.


You will see your finished piece when it is delivered. You will receive your finished product via standard postal delivery or another previously agreed-upon delivery method – as part of our personalized service, we leave the choice up to you. At this stage, we will provide a follow-up service to ensure your complete satisfaction.


The installation of certain emblematic works, notably commemorative murals, requires precise skill. We provide installation services where necessary to guarantee a perfectly displayed piece.

The secrets of our success

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Respecting deadlines
Our experienced, knowledgeable team can deliver within even the tightest deadlines without sacrificing the quality of our work.
Our artisans have mastered the best techniques to create pieces with incomparable workmanship. They examine and perfect every detail to ensure that each piece meets our standards.
Our high-grade emblematic products are renowned for their superior quality, impeccable workmanship, and durability. We offer the best value for your money.
Our creativity has produced hundreds of sophisticated emblematic works. Our visual signatures – whether modern, noble, simple, or eccentric – can be adapted to meet the requirements of customers with even the most complex needs.
We understand the importance of the stories hidden behind each engraving product. We strive to produce emblematic works your organization can take pride in.

What people are saying about us

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La Fondation HMR is proud to count Desmarais Concept – a company which has displayed dependability, creativity, and precision – among its most serious and competent suppliers.

Lucie Drapeau, Director-General, Fondation de l’Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont

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We work to respect our clients’ individual deadlines. Our productive capacity allows us to create works in a very short time. For rush jobs, our team will do everything in its power to deliver the finished product on time

Our complete dedication to each project has made us a preferred partner. Other contributing factors include our impeccable service and our mission to constantly surpass ourselves to better meet our customers’ needs.

Desmarais Concept