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Gravure A. Desmarais

Gravure A. Desmarais is a family business that has enjoyed success in the engraving industry since 1966. By actively listening to every client’s needs, we have has been able to innovate and contribute to the evolution of the art of engraving. Today, Gravure A. Desmarais is an industry leader in the production of high-end institutional and commercial emblematic works.

A family history

Since 1966

the founder

Mr. Albert Desmarais is the founder of Desmarais Concept. His technique and precision have earned him an excellent reputation in the engraving community. For many years, he has been creating unique works thanks to his incomparable talent and expertise. He founded the Desmarais signature as a creator of high-end works.

Our large-scale company begins its journey as Gravure A. Desmarais, named for its founder, Albert Desmarais. He worked for many years, then passed his passion for engraving to his children, who took over the business and brought it to success on a national scale.

1999 Family succession Albert Desmarais’ children oversee the business’s succession and develop their services to stand out on the Quebec market.
2001 Expansion and opening new markets Gravure A. Desmarais holds an enviable position on the Quebec market.
2008 New facilities Gravure A. Desmarais opens new facilities to meet the growing demands of its customer base. Modern equipment is acquired for the production studio.
Today Concept Desmarais is well-known across Quebec for constant innovation in the engraving industry. Desmarais works can be found in numerous large-scale companies and organizations.

Desmarais Concept