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We draw up the most precise plans to create an impeccable product tailored to your specifications.

Each product is a faithful reproduction of your order – including your specified shape, colour, finish, and texture.

Our quality materials

Gold & silver
These precious metals are used to make jewelry, corporate lapel pins, bracelets, graduation rings, and pendants. Gold is very durable, and is available in white, yellow, or rose. We also offer a wide selection of silver products.

Aluminium is appreciated for having an excellent value for its price. It is used to make recognition plaques, commemorative plaques, inauguration plaques, and printed company insignias. A special coating treatment is available for works that will be installed outdoors.

Bronze is widely regarded as a noble metal, and has been used often throughout history to create symbolic works. It is used to make statues, trophies, and other emblematic products. A special protective coating is available to prevent oxidation on pieces that will be installed outdoors.

Stainless steel
Stainless steel is applied as a finishing coat on engraved emblematic products. Because it is more expensive due to its superior composition and durability, stainless steel is frequently associated with high-quality works.

Wood provides an interesting contrast on emblematic products like trophies – it can take on any desired shape and colour, and adds a noble touch to the piece.

Acrylic adds a transparent or coloured effect to an engraved piece. Its modernity and malleability allow us to create unique designs like symbolic murals with custom printing.

We offer a wide selection of rings and bands custom-engraved with your institution’s image. It is also possible to add precious or semi-precious metals to give your piece a unique design. We also offer bracelets, lapel pins, and other symbolic jewelry. Speak with our experts for a custom, high-quality creation.

We offer custom trophies designed and tailored to your specifications. The sky is the limit with our trophies; any material can be used, and we can personalize its shape, colour, size, and text. No matter how complex the request, our artisans can create distinctive pieces.

Desmarais Concept has designed and created hundreds of recognition plaques, commemorative plaques, identification plates, murals, and indoor and outdoor honorific plaques. Whether you wish to honour a major donor, an event, or the involvement of a person or organization, we have the product and materials you need. It is possible to personalize your piece with a unique print, an honorific text, colours, designs, or any other element of your choice.

Insignias are embossed to keep the precision of the details and to ensure the piece’s durability. We use full-weight metals to guarantee superior quality. Over time, your piece will age more slowly, remaining faithful to its original design. Contact us to learn more about insignias for your organization.

Our creations

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Industrial engraving
Engraving, sculpture, and metalwork
Symbolic works
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  • gravure-sculpture-metaux-13
  • gravure-industrielle-6
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  • gravure-industrielle-1
  • oeuvres-symboliques-30
  • conception-15
  • gravure-sculpture-metaux-16
  • gravure-sculpture-metaux-2
  • oeuvres-symboliques-3
  • oeuvres-symboliques-6
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  • gravure-sculpture-metaux-3
  • oeuvres-symboliques-18
  • oeuvres-symboliques-35
  • oeuvres-symboliques-17
  • conception-8
  • gravure-sculpture-metaux-10
  • oeuvres-symboliques-15
  • gravure-sculpture-metaux-5
  • oeuvres-symboliques-4
  • conception-9
  • conception-12
  • oeuvres-symboliques-10
  • gravure-sculpture-metaux-7
  • oeuvres-symboliques-21
  • oeuvres-symboliques-29
  • oeuvres-symboliques-13
  • oeuvres-symboliques-27
  • gravure-sculpture-metaux-11
  • oeuvres-symboliques-23
  • conception-7
  • gravure-industrielle-4
  • oeuvres-symboliques-22
  • conception-5
  • gravure-sculpture-metaux-12
  • gravure-sculpture-metaux-14
  • gravure-industrielle-3
  • oeuvres-symboliques-36
  • oeuvres-symboliques-31
  • oeuvres-symboliques-16
  • oeuvres-symboliques-37
  • conception-11
  • oeuvres-symboliques-25
  • oeuvres-symboliques-1
  • oeuvres-symboliques-34
  • gravure-industrielle-2
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Find all the services you need in one place. Our specialists will guide you through every step of your project, from the visual signature design to the installation of the completed work if necessary. Our personalized service ensures that the finished piece will exceed your expectations. Tell us about your project today!

Industrial engraving

We offer specialized services for custom industrial engraving. Contact us for matrix creation, embossing, moulding, and other industrial products. Thanks to our expertise and modern equipment, we can create any product you need.

Engraving, sculpture, and metalwork

We have the equipment and expertise to create engravings and sculptures of any shape and size, from any material. Ask us about commemorative plaques, identification plates, honorary plaques, corporate murals, lapel pins, insignias, and even rings and custom trophies.

Symbolic works

Our high-end emblematic works will highlight the importance of your desired person or event with distinction. Our service allows you to add unique colouring, text, images, or custom designs to your piece.


Choose Desmarais Concept for insignias that will stand the test of time. Our artisans employ high-quality embossing techniques to create finely detailed insignias. The level of detail and overall quality of our pieces will live up to your institution’s name.

Desmarais Concept